Ultra-portable devices with realtime brainwaves analysis and pathology detection

EEG device

  • Hand size (VEEGix) or wearable (NS Cap)
  • Bluetooth
  • Movement Resilience HW/algorithms
  • Live EEG analysis algorithms
  • Instant results or patient monitoring


  • Dry
  • Self-Adhesive
  • Disposable
  • Movement Resilient

EEG specs

  • 2048 Hz sampling rate bipolar single channel 
  • Micro-robotic style Driven Right Leg circuit
  • Minimized signal phase distortion
  • Maximized Movement resilience
  • Maximized frequency response flatness
  • Multiple embedded artifact removal algorithms
  • Bluetooth communication
  • RAW Data available in .EDF+ file

Next-Gen EEG

NeuroServo has developed a brain wave capture device (EEG) that combines the characteristics of being miniaturized, non-intrusive, portable, instant-use, and motion-resistant.

The brain waves are analyzed in real time by the NeuroServo algorithms, allowing the early detection of postoperative delirium, a condition affecting up to 70% of hospitalized patients aged 65 and over after a major surgery  (source: Ely, ICM 2007), dangerous for the patient (permanent cognitive losses) and very expensive for the health system ($16,000 to $ 64,000 per patient) when diagnosed late.

NeuroServo’s technology is also deployed in a different medical application, in the form of an EEG integrated in a cap, allowing a quick and non-traumatic capture with children in consultation for autistic disorders or AD/HD. The device analyzes the brain waves and determines in real time the patient’s level of attention.

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