Ultra-portable devices for ICU & ER with realtime brainwaves analysis and pathology detection

  • detect abnormalities at a reversible stage
  • prompt timely and physiologically clinical decisions
  • monitor the benefit or harm of interventions and post-resuscitation care
  • EEG device

    • Order to Acquisition in less than 2 minutes
    • EEG & aEEG
    • short-med-long-term CFM (Cerebral Function Monitoring)
    • Defibrillator proof
    • Hand size
    • Bluetooth
    • Movement Resilience HW/algorithms
    • Live EEG analysis algorithms


    • Dry
    • Self-Adhesive
    • Disposable
    • Movement Resilient
    • Adult and paediatric

    EEG specs

    • 2048 Hz sampling rate bipolar single channel 
    • Micro-robotic style Driven Right Leg circuit
    • Minimized signal phase distortion
    • Maximized Movement resilience
    • Maximized frequency response flatness
    • Multiple embedded artifact removal algorithms
    • Bluetooth communication
    • RAW Data available in .EDF+ file

    Next-Gen EEG/aEEG

    NeuroServo has developed a brain wave capture device (EEG&aEEG) that combines the characteristics of being miniaturized, non-intrusive, portable, instant use, and motion-resistant.

    Some altered of consciousness pathologies confronts physicians with a guessing game.

    Failure to diagnose can result in over-treatment with unnecessary administration of anti-seizure medications or delays and under- treatment, both known to cause permanent brain damages. Some of those pathologies can only be confirmed by EEG. 

    Instant response EEGs are proven to improve the patient outcome while lowering the Length of Stay and costs.

    VEEGix Instant response EEG has been designed for rapid patient assessment in ER and ICU.

    NeuroServo is also developing algorithms for early detection of  postoperative delirium, a condition affecting up to 70% of hospitalized patients aged 65 and over after a major surgery  (source: Ely, ICM 2007), dangerous for the patient (permanent cognitive losses) and very expensive for the health system ($16,000 to $ 64,000 per patient) when diagnosed late.

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