Some altered of consciousness pathologies (status epilepticus, hypothermia…) confronts physicians with a guessing game as for an immediate or delayed traitement. Some of those pathologies can only be confirmed by EEG.


Failure to diagnose can result in over-treatment with unnecessary administration of anti-seizure medications or delays and under-treatment, both known to cause permanent brain damages. 

✔ Order to EEG < 2 minutes
✔ aEEG for rapid patient assessment
✔ Defibrillator proof
✔ Adult and Paediatric
✔ Disposable electrodes

✔ Long time monitoring (CFM)
✔ Frontal dry electrodes
✔ No EEG technician required
✔ Shorter LoS a& ICU-LoS
✔ Reimbursement with 2020 EEG CPT codes

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