Development Module

Are you interested in exploiting your brainwaves data?

Programmers, researchers or practitioners;

Develop custom-built applications

Fully accessible brainwave raw data to your workstation (using optional development module) allowing to:


Build your specific thoughts controllable device.



Develop custom-built thoughts controllable game.


Design market specific neuromarketing application.


Develop reinforcement programs for cognitive functions.


Explore and study the effects of different states of mind.


And much more!

Simplify development using free drivers available from NeuroServo. These are designed specifically to efficiently exploit our technology. USB HID protocol is used by the cap which does not require any driver installation or communication port configuration. Contact us for more information!

The NeuroServo plug-in is already part of the OpenVibe (free open source software). Just install the software, and you’re ready to create control algorithms in this powerful tool that serves as a Brain Computer Interface. Special thanks to « NeuroTechX – The International Neurotech Network » for their help integrating our new product into the OpenViBE software.

Because the NeuroServo plug-in is part of the OpenViBE Acquisition Server application, you can use the latter to send your data to other applications, such as Python or Matlab, to name only these.

In addition to OpenViBE, we can provide samples of C++ and C# code that can communicate directly with the NeuroServo product to make your work easier. All you have to do is ask!

NeuroServo Cap + developement module

US$ 329.98

Two models and sizes available to fit your needs! Order here to get the combo.



Additional information

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 27 x 22 x 14 cm

Developement module

US$ 99.99

This development module allows you to safely extract data from your brainwaves while wearing the cap. With this module, you will have full access to the raw data and can get examples of communication code used in typical application.


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