Hello! I am Nicolas, the founder…

I am often heard using the expression “I can’t lie”. Indeed, the franchise is truly at the heart of my DNA and continues to guide me on a daily basis in the development of my projects, ideas and interactions. It is in this state of mind that I have prepared this frank introduction to NeuroServo.

NeuroServo is based on a concrete desire to help people improve themselves and improve their well-being. It is on this principle that our company designs and develops its technologies and solutions, including the one we offer today.

At the risk of appearing pretentious, I truly believe that NeuroServo offers a completely new and unique attentional rehabilitation solution, while respecting the recognized and proven principles of neurofeeback. My claim here is based on our deliberate choice not to simply attempt to improve the conventional brainwave reading circuits. Indeed, at NeuroServo, we have instead chosen to innovate by designing a user-friendly tool based on a completely new technological approach (NeuroServo patent pending). This new approach has enabled us to create a solution that is perfectly adapted to our desire to help people better control their attention and improve their personal development. Clearly, the result of our approach and the amazing performances obtained exceed our expectations and I am amazed. I trust that it will be the same for you.

If we return back to my frankness, understand that I can’t promise you that this product will help you alone without you putting your own. To better illustrate my point, let’s take the analogy of weightlifting: simply buying weights will not develop your bodybuilding because it is by body training that your muscles will develop. However, here the comparison ends, since unlike the benefits of bodybuilding, which disappears rapidly after the body training has stopped, our brain retains the benefits and skills acquired even after the brain training has stopped.

As founder, and for NeuroServo, understand that your concerns, questions and comments are very important to us. That is why I ask you: don’t hesitate to contact us if necessary. A convenient and efficient way to quickly exchange with us is to use our interactive chat window (the icon representing a small man sitting on a globe) located at the bottom right of your screen.

Nicolas, the founder.



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